19 Oct 2016

Chaos Daemonettes Commission by Rob at 30Kplus40K

Hello, as some who frequent this blog may know, I have a rather large To-Do pile, a great place to be no doubt, more minis than I have time for doing myself is not a complaint! So, what could I do? I work hard, earn a decent crust so why not help a fellow blogger expand their skill set and get something done on my To-Do pile at the same time!
Rob at 30Kplus40K messaged me a long while ago reference experimenting with possible commission work, I didn't check Google mail for ages (Soz Rob!) and when I replied, I said I'd be interested in getting some Daemons done and as it was Rob's first commission, I'd seen his own work, so gave him free reign in how they were painted. I specified that i'll do the bases to match my own and that I like the 'traditional' Daemonettes scheme.
Rob did an excellent job, kept me informed throughout and was a great price, one we were pretty unsure about as it was his first commission and I thought they were worth more! We came to a favourable price between us.

Has Rob started down the road of Commission painting for a job, or as a side project to fund his awesome Solar Auxilla force budget - who knows? But if you are interested in getting a UK based genius to do some of your To-Do pile for you, feel free to check out his blog and contact him through Google+.

I'm just finishing the bases of the 'Pink' Horrors he did for me too! You may have seen them on his blog, Tzeentch works in bright assorted colours indeed! Love them!

16 Oct 2016

Dreadtober - Progress with B@C Plastic Contemptor

Dreadtober continues and I am finding working to a challenge very productive and rewarding, something I might put off or not doing yet is getting done. Great news!
Here is the latest progress of the plastic Contemptor Dreadnought, I started from the base upwards, legs are done, now working on the torso and head and front chassis piece. Looking good to be finished by the end of October for sure!

You can follow more Dreadtober participants at Broken Paintbrush blog.

12 Oct 2016

The Beginnings of a Genestealer Cult - Space Hulk Hybrids

Hobby Butterfly strikes again! I still have my copy of Space Hulk (2nd Edn circa 1996) inside the box I have the Genestealer and Deathwing (circa 1990) expansions too, extra rules, tiles and more importantly Miniatures. In this delightful plunge into the closet of doom - I retrieved the beginnings of a Cult... the 2nd Generation Hybrids from the Genestealer expansion. (I've also two copies of Space Hulk Circa 2009 - one yet to be unwrapped!)
Here are the first of my Genestealer Cult miniatures, they will be mixed in with the modern Hybrid models and armed with a mix of old and new weapons, here they have the original 'chaos' Heavy Weapons for taking on the Deathwing Librarians in the Space Hulk expansion, Chaos Conversion Beamers, Missile Launchers, Autocannon and some Ork Bolters and Bolt Pistols, Ork Plasma Gun, RTB01 Bolters and an Ork Chainsword...
Also with so much Space Hulk, I still had plenty of Purestrain Genestealers on the sprues still, so 5 of them (there are about 50 more if needed!) will also move across to the Cult.

Hmm, what Hive Fleet, well I love the simplicity of the Hive Fleet Kraken tutorial from Tale of Painters and the scheme will allow me to fit my old Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tanks and Squad from way back when I fancied painting something different. These will be incorporated with some Genestealer Cult frame bits icons, and head swaps and Knives, then I'll finally actually have a use for them on the battlefield, I never was going to build an entire Guard Army!

Goodbye grand ideas of a Vraks PDF, and hello insidious Cult... thank-you GW! Awesome!
So, for the cost of nothing so far, I have the start of the Hive Fleet Kraken Genestealer Cult - an insidious beacon for the approaching doom... don't expect rapid progress like Mordian7th, my hobby butterfly flutters around jobs to keep me interested!

Right, off to go write a GW Gift List and email my nearest and dearest...

8 Oct 2016

Dreadtober - Late to the party but I'm IN

I need all the motivation there is to make a dent in the ever large To-Do pile, so this year I decided to join in the shenanigans of the Dread-tober, this year being run by the talented Joe B at Broken Paintbrush. It's not too late to join up (i guess) so need some motivation to get a Dread-like mini done and by a deadline? Check out the link above.

Greggles, the founder, is doing some IRL wedding and honeymoon stuff, so Joe B has taken up this years mantle. Here is a list of this year's Participants to date, I've just emailed to join today - late I know, but not too late to get one done this month!
I've decided to do the Plastic Betrayal at Calth Contemptor, shown here in an earlier post. HERE. And the photo above shows that I have done little since August! Hence, the great idea of getting motivated by Joe B and co. I've now glued the arms, drilled the barrels and stuck two stones to the base...

Come join the fun!

3 Oct 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Cargo Containers - Alternative 40K Scenery

Hello Readers, so today I have an alternative to the great GW Munitorum Armoured Containers scenery. These are more along the lines of the FW containers that FW keep adorning their terrain pieces with, however slightly larger than the GW ones and not as detailed or cannot be opened. But, if like me you want LOS blocking scenery - then these are ideal!
Here is the Imperial Space Marine for size comparison. 
See, these are the big brother of the Container scenery, a Land Raider can hide behind these easily.
(Image from King Fluff, blogger buddies at Battle Bunnies Blog - check them out! Great Pre-Heresy stuff everywhere!! - permission sought)

As you can see in the Battle Bunnies image above, the GW containers barely cover the Tech Priest, and a Marine can stand up inside, but no more.
These alternative scenery metal boxes can almost fit a Rhino inside, the hatch looks a little too small but the size overall easily hides a Rhino - an a disembarked squad for good measure.
And, for you Imperial Knight barons, yes, two stacked can easily hide your Knights! Where are these from you ask? They are from the European Company Gamemat.eu the same as the Battle Mat shown. Check out the site. I pre-ordered these ages ago before GW was producing their versions and I didn't know GameMat were doing a line in pre-painted scenery too. Lots of industrial buildings and they look good basically painted, ready to add the details and transfers to taste.
Speaking of the Game Mats, I have also purchased bags for both the mats I bought. £5 each. They deliver to UK and Europe and the US. Hopefully you found the review of the above useful and a possible alternative for your tables.

Cheers, Siph.

19 Sep 2016

Necron Heavy Gauss Cannon - Conversion from spare Tomb Blade Bits

Hi Readers, well what can I say. I bought these Heavy Gauss Cannons in the height of 'Failcast' epidemic, they were bad... then sat in the closet of doom for years until I did some research. I saw this Heavy Gauss Cannon Conversion on You Tube, but I never have spare Immortal Gauss Blasters, but what I might have is spare Tomb Blade Gauss Blasters - so taking inspiration, from this tutorial, I made the following.

### EDIT: Also seen this conversion if you really want chunkier guns! Its a great Necron Blog "BoneCron", check it out - Necron Heavy Destroyer Conversions ###
The good thing is, if you arm the Tomb Blades with Particle Casters or Tesla Carbines, you have a pair of Gauss Blasters spare. Also add an arm from the Destroyer kit.
I used the right hand weapon, cut up the left hand weapon to add an extra capacitor ring, cable and barrels. You can extend the barrels a little more if you cut further back as seen below. The normal Gauss Cannon is shown for scale, you want to be bigger than these to show the Heavy Destroyer.
Once glued together, the small indents were filled with green stuff. I think the extra capacitor coils on the end do it justice and show that this is an anti-tank powerful gun.
Here you can see my efforts, the middle one has slightly longer barrels as I cut them a little behind the power cable which looks awesome. Still not as long as the Heavy Gauss Cannon, but bigger, chunkier, twin barreled and most importantly - Straight!

Hope you like this. No need to purchase the wonky 'failcast' until GW makes them straight and in plastic. Cheers for stopping by.

16 Sep 2016

Necron Destroyer Lord - The Destroyer Cult is coming Alive (Undead!)

Hello Readers, here is my latest offering, to cap off the Destroyer Cult and go some way to making it game legal. Okay I have four more Destroyers and a few Heavy Destroyers to do yet, but hey, the force of Destroyers will gain the benefits from the formation (re-roll failed to wound rolls and failed armor penetrations rolls in the shooting phase), combined with re-rolls of 1's to hit because of Preferred Enemy Everything! The only restriction is three units of three Destroyers, one Lord and 0-1 Units of Heavy Destroyers.
The Destroyer Lord was a finecast kit, not the worst but I am glad they've discontinued it. The staff was relatively straight but the end of the Staff of Light was misshapen so I combined it with the spare Warscythe arm to make a bladed weapon, so I can play either Warscythe or Staff of Light.
I used a plethora of transfers to denote his status above the other Destroyers, also a fair bit of gold and blue shoulder pauldrons too. And a golden head like the earlier Lord.
Most of the transfers went on okay, but one shows a little frosting from this angle, but generally they are flat and moulded onto the mini with micro-sol and 'Ardcoat.
So here is the Cult so far. 2x2 Destroyers a single Destroyer and the Lord. A great addition to my growing Necron Army. Thanks for reading and stopping by, Cheers, Siph.

12 Sep 2016

Necron Destroyer #5 w/ Gauss Cannon

Hi all, just a quick post to show more progress on the Necron Destroyer front, pumping them out, 5 done now from the massive to-do pile, feels good to make some progress, albeit small.
They won't win painting awards, but perfectly good for the table top, I enjoyed the transfer work on this one, a challenge to get it placed and flat before the Micro Sol softened it too much. A couple of liberal coats of Micro Sol later, and a seal from 'Ardcoat and they look seamless.
Here is a group photo. Four more to go before I move on to the Destroyer Lord or Heavy Gauss Cannon Destroyers, so I can field the Destroyer Cult Formation.
And a shot of the transfers, various designs, but pleased my transfer work is improving, the Necron Night Scythes were terrible for frosting on the transfer film. Think I've solved that now with the application of the 'Ardcoat layer to 'glue' it down before the matt varnish spray.

Cheers for stopping by, Siph.

8 Sep 2016

Batrep - Ad Mech Vs Ultramarines 2000pts - The Scouring

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in to check out the latest fun game of 40K we had, it was an awesome match, could the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii forces withstand the might of the Ultramarines Skyhammer Task Force led by the mighty hero Librarian Tigurius; or would the faceless war machine of the Mechanicum consume the proud warriors in their never ending quest for arcane knowledge...

The battle lines were drawn up, The Scouring, Hammer and Anvil deployment, 6 objectives, 1x 4VP, 1x 1VP, 2x 3VP and 2x 2VP randomly scattered and unknown until the first turn - the Ad Mech forces won first turn and UM failed to seize. Destroyed FA Units would give up 1VP and secondary First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay Warlord were each 1VP. Lord Halfpenny had 4 FA Units, Attack Bike, Drop Pod, 2x Assault Squads. Siph had Sydonian Dragoons.

The UM fielded a first turn drop pod assault of 4 pods, Grav/Melta Skyhammer Annihilation Force plus Grav/Plasma Sternguard and Grav Centurions with Tiggy, backed up with another pod of Tac Marines, a Thunderfire, 2x Scouts and an allied Vindicare Assassin and a Multi-Melta Attack Bike.

The Cult Mechanicus fielded a Dominus Tech Priest with 2x Torsion Cannon Breachers in a deep strike formation - Holy Requisitioner, 2x Castelan Robot Maniples, one with PF and one with 3x Heavy Phospher Blaster robots and some Fulgrite Techpriests. These were allied with Skitarii Rangers, 2x Sydonian Lancers, 2x Dunecrawlers (Neutron Laser and Icarus Array) and a squad of Sicaran Ruststalkers.
The Mechanicum set up knowing the drop pod assault was imminent, so used the Canticles of Shroudpsalm to cast an improved Cover Save to Ad Mech Units (increased by 2+), the Sydonian Dragoons had a 5+ cover save in the open anyway due to Incense and the Ruststalkers infiltrated up the field by Plasma Obliterator objective. The Rangers held the objective in the Sanctum Imperialis and the the Castelan Robot Maniple with guns held the Watchtower objective.
The UM force set up mainly in reserve, with 2x Scout Squads in back field, one by Plasma Obliterator and one in bolstered ruins by Techmarine/Thunderfire and Vindicare and another objective.

The Objectives were revealed and the Plasma Obliterator terrain one was worth 2VPs, the Thunderfire held Mechanicum Ruins terrain was 3VPs, the central terrain Power Generators 4VPs (The Macaroon Generator - everyone loves cake!), the central Reactor building 1VP, the Sanctum Imperialis held by Rangers 3VPs and Skull Watchtower terrain held by shooty Castelans 2VPs. (Check out the links for terrain ideas).
Ad Mech Turn 1 - The Sicaran Ruststalkers moved up and assaulted the MM Attack Bike slaying it easily for First Blood and FA Choice (2VP). The Fulgrite Techpriests moved towards the centre objective. The Onager Dunecrawlers with snap-fire Icarus Array and Neutron Laser targeted the ruins with the Scouts and Thunderfire killing 4 Scouts (good rolling 6's to Hit and Gatling Rocket Launcher ignores cover) and making the ML armed scout flee the building. The Castelan PF Robots on the far flank moved forward towards the Thunderfire.
UM Turn 1 - Four Drop Pods scream down into the Ad Mech lines, the Icarus Autocannons, separate from the Icarus Missiles and Rockets intercepted a Drop Pod and took a HP off Tigurius' Pod, Tiggy targeted the Fulgrite Priests killing 5 and wounded a Castelan Robot. The Grav Centurions target the Robots on the Watchtower but combined cover saves and Shroudpsalm saved them entirely! Lord Halfpenny also forgot the chest mounted MLs. 
In assault, one of the Assault Squads charged the Sicaran Ruststalkers killing one but were wiped out in return through a combination of number of attacks and transonic blade attacks.
The Skyhammer Grav Devastators wiped out the Datasmith and his two PF armed Castelan Robots - boom. The Assault Marine squad near the Onager Dunecrawlers struck with the Eviscerator cleaving through the Neutron Laser armed machine after it was glanced by the Combi-Grav Sternguard. The Assassin failed to glance the same machine.
The Combi-Plasma Sternguard along with the Skyhammer MM Devastators opened up on the two Sydonian Dragoons wiping them out for Scouring FA choice (1VP). The Thunderfire Cannon struck at the Rangers killing five but they remained steadfast. A brutal first turn, showing the power of the Skyhammer.
Ad Mech Turn 2 - The Techpriest Dominus and Breachers arrived from Deep Strike to gun down 2 Grav Centurions with their AP1 Torsion Cannons. The nearby Fulgrite Priests failed their charge.
The Castelan Robots wiped out the MM Devastators with a flurry of Heavy Phospher AP3 shots. The Dunecrawler in combat with the Assault Marines was glanced once, and the nearby Rangers shot and missed the Sternguard below them.
The Sicaran Ruststalkers charged and easily wiped out the Scout Squad by the Plasma Obliterator, losing one to overwatch.
UM Turn 2 - Tiggy wounded a Castelan Robot with Smite and Psychic Screamed a Breacher taking a wound. The lone Centurion opened fire on the Castelans killing a robot, two remained. The Grav Devs targeted the Rangers in the ruins, killing 4 of the 5, the Drop Pod automated guns felled the last Ranger. The Vindicare Assassin shot at the Dominus but the Refractor Field saved him.
The Thunderfire targeted the recent arrivals and struck the Breachers 7 times but failed to wound or get past the armour. The Sternguard now switched to Vengeance Rounds killing 4 of the six Breachers. The Scout ML shot at the Ruststalkers but missed.
The Assault Squad in combat with the Dunestalker tore into it with the Eviscerator, cleaving the reactor triggering an explosion which killed two marines!
The Drop Pod containing the 5 man Tac Squad dropped down by the Fulgrite Priests and shot them killing one, and then charged (which after we realised you cannot do, nevermind.. these are not Skyhammer) killing another, the Priests in return killed a marine (no real effect on results). Another great turn for the UM's, the Ad Mech forces are reeling, now need to start the fight back...
Ad Mech Turn 3 - The Castelan Robots sight the Sternguard advancing on the Dominus and wipe out the Combi-Plasma Squad. With hindsight we played the Lumingen rule wrong, however they were in the open so even Going to Ground would have only saved on a six, and the weight of fire (6x TL AP3 and 6x AP3 from two robots) so we agreed it wouldn't make much difference! The Dominus on his own with Macro-stubber Pistol and Volkite Blaster killing the last Grav Centurion (who rolled double one for 2+ save) and Tigurius for Slay the Warlord (1VP). The remaining Breachers open fired on the FA Drop Pod destroying it for a further (1VP). The Fulgrite Priest in combat with 4 Tac Marines died... The Ruststalkers stalked towards the Objective worth 4VPs. A great turn-around turn for the depleted Ad Mech forces, putting some hurt on the UM forces and gaining vital VPs.
UM Turn 3 - The Vindicare Assassin proved his worthless nature for Lord Halfpenny again, needing a 2 to Hit the Dominus, rolling a one, but the BS bonus gets a second roll of a 4+ to hit and still failed (facepalm!) rolling another one... BS, he certainly is again.
The Thunderfire Cannon and Vengeance Round Sternguard finish off the two Breachers. The Thunderfire also puts a wound on the Dominus. The Assault Squad survivors move up towards the Dominus. The Grav Devestators now move towards the Objective in the Sanctum Imperialis now the Rangers have all been killed. The 4 Tac Marines move towards the Power Generator Objective, the Ruststalkers are targeted by the Scout with ML, killing one with a Krak Missile.
Ad Mech Turn 4 - The Castelans holed up in the Skull Watchtower target the advancing Sternguard, wiping them out, two squads in two turns! The Dominus being threatened by the advancing Assault Marines chooses to charge himself, killing two marines before being struck down by the remaining Assault Sergeant and his Eviscerator ceding (1VP) for Slay the Warlord. The Sicaran Ruststalkers use their superior speed and close the distance to the Tactical Marines on the Objective.

UM Turn 4 - The Assassin opens up on the Castelans but again, fails to penetrate. The Drop Pod guns fail to wound the same. The Tactical Marines fire on the advancing Sicaran Ruststalkers but they save the shots. The Assault Sergeant charges the remaining Castelan Robots and Datasmith intent on a Challenge, but is cut down in a hail of Overwatch fire!
Ad Mech Turn 5 - All that is left is the Castelans and two Ruststalkers. The big robots use their superior range to snipe at the Grav Devs across the board who are heading to claim an Objective, killing three and making the remaining marines flee away from the Sanctum Imperialis - putting the Objective worth 3VPs out of reach. The Sicaran Ruststalkers charge the Tactical Marines killing two remaining in combat with the final members, contesting the objective.
UM Turn 5 - The Assassin yet again fails to wound the Castelan robots, he really should be cast into the void... The Thunderfire hits the same robots 5 times but fails to wound. The Drop Pod Storm Bolters killing one robot. The Scout with ML runs to claim the Plasma Obliterator 2VP Objective. The Tactical Marines in combat with the Sicaran Ruststalkers die leaving the 4VP Objective in Ad Mech hands. The surviving Grav Devs move to secure Linebreaker for (1VP).

The roll for turn 6 failed meaning the game ends... when the dust settles, somehow the Ad Mech claim victory from the jaws of defeat!!

The UM's claim 3VP Objective, 2VP Objective, 1VP for Slay Warlord, 1VP for Linebreaker and 1VP for Scouring (FA Sydonian Dragoons) = 8VPs

The Ad Mech claim 4VP Objective, 2VP Objective, 1VP for Slay Warlord, 1VP for First Blood, 4VPs for Scouring (FA Drop Pod, Attack Bike, Assault Squad x2) = 12VPs


Well that was a bloody brutal battle, awesome twists and turns and after a big bloody nose from the Skyhammer and Drop Pod Assault in the Ad Mech lines, after turn two the tide started to turn with the very effective shooting from the Castelans with the AP3 guns on the Skull Watchtower Objective.

The only UM forces left were 1 Scout, 1 Techmarine with Thunderfire, 1 useless Vindicare and 2 Grav Devastators and 4 empty Drop Pods. The Ad Mech had 2 Sicaran Ruststalkers, 1 Castelan Robots and Datasmith.

One more turn and the Ruststalkers would have been wiped out by Drop Pods and Thunderfire Cannon losing 4VPs. The Canticles of Omnissah granting Shroudpsalm in the first turn saved the Castelan Robots from Centurion Grav Cannons which became the undoing of the UM force. With hindsight, instead of advancing the Sternguard towards the AP3 guns, one squad should have claimed the Sanctum Imperialis Objective for 3VPs, but this was left to the Grav Devs which turned and ran when they needed to get in the building, the Assault Sergeant should have sought cover away from the bristling overwatch that killed him, perhaps claiming the Reactor Objective for 1VP and not ceding 1VP for his FA Unit.

Unit of the match for UMs was the Eviscerator armed Assault Sergeant chewing his way through two Onager Dunecrawlers and the Dominus. The Thunderfire Cannon which was a constant thorn in my side and the Sternguard proved their worth killing Breachers x2 and Sydonian Dragoons. The Ad Mech unit of the match was the Castelan Robot Maniple with Heavy Phosper Blasters for deleting units Sternguard x2, MM Devastators, Assault Squad, closely followed by the Sicaran Ruststalkers who killed Attack Bike, Scout Squad and Tactical Marines.

Lord Halfpenny - What a game, what a battle, so close in the end, but how? I thought after T2 it was there for the taking, a position I've been in several times in the past and I seem to be very good at going for the total victory rather than looking to secure objectives (maybe its the Khorne in me... death, burn etc). The marine of the game was indeed the Eviscerator Assault Sergeant, on the flip side the Vindicare assassin was poor - I think he managed 2 hits during the game, one failed to wound, the other saved. He might be retired after this battle, its not the first time he's been a very bad unit choice. We love a close match and throughout it seemed like the Ad Mech were on the back foot, but still in disbelief how they clawed that back.

Brilliant fun game had by both Lord Halfpenny and myself.
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