17 Aug 2017

WIP - Objective Markers using Space Marine Casualties

Hi One and All,

I've been working on a few projects recently, Magnus is about finished, as well as some more Reaver Titan building, However I thought I'd share my new project- objective markers for 8th- using the casualty marines.
These are currently glued, based and undercoated blue, the plan is to paint these in Ultramarine colours, but do them so that they can be used as objectives.
I've always liked the look of these, and had them sat in my 'to-do-pile' for some time- these are metal models to give you an idea of time..
I've got a plan to mark them so that you know which is objective 1- 6, more will be shown soon..

14 Aug 2017

Necron Lychguard Squad w/ Hyperphase Swords and Dispersion Shields

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, here is my latest offering, a squad of Lychguard armed with Hyperphase Swords (AP-3) and Dispersion Shields (4++).
There are two ways of playing Lychguard, one with all Warscythes (+2 S) relying on their T5 and 3+ save to keep them around, and the other way, using the Hyperphase Sword and Dispersion Shield to give them the resilience to stick around in the fight. Add an HQ aura nearby with a Res Orb and these can punch above their own weight.
I painted these the same as my Necrons, but with a lot more Gold bling to show their high status above lowly Warriors, these are the bodyguard for Necron Lords and Overlords. I may use these to shield my Overlord with Warscythe, but it will be interesting to see how 8th affects these - now Initiative isn't an issue, a Warscythe squad will certainly hit harder on the charge!
Thanks for dropping by, hopefully you are all expanding your forces with 8th! I am looking forward to painting my Primaris Marines, Scythes of the Emperor make the most sense after nearly being wiped out by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken... which by good fortune is the Hive Fleet I had settled on for my Genestealer Cult!!

11 Aug 2017

Magnus the Red- Primarch of the Thousand Sons WIP3

Hi Everyone,

Further update on my steady progress with Magnus.
Following the post last week, I've opted for gold armour, similar to that of the Forge World HH version, however I've decided to make the gold different by playing and mixing washes I've found a perfect wash for the gold to prevent it looking to 'Khorne' like.
I've mixed equal parts Reikland Fleshshade, with the old Leviathan Purple wash together, to form a shade which appears to have more depth, the purple comes through slightly giving the armour an almost eerie, magical feel which is what I wanted with the armour.
The Blade of Magnus has had the same wash- I'm really happy with the shade, all of the armour will be painted the same- this was just a test to see how it worked. The armour will get a couple of dry brush's with lighter gold and silver to edge.
The wings have had several dry brushes of Sotek Green across the 3 shades of colour, with a Flash Git Yellow dry brush to the very tips.
And finally the base is now glued together- and he stands upright! The Space Wolves Dreadnought has been hacked and sliced to make it look 'battle damaged' with a few marine helmets added to finish the look.

Overall quite happy with how this project is going- hopefully will be complete in time to swap this project for a certain Death Guard...

Thanks for looking!

7 Aug 2017

Old School Purchase Find - Job Lot £50 Bargain

Hi Guys and Gals, I had to share this amazing lucky find, at the moment I work at an Organisation which has an internal 'sales and wants' blog for want of a better description. Well a work colleague knew I am interested in Warhammer 40K and pointed me to a sales ad for a job lot of old Warhammer 40k goodness...  I offered a price and advised that they would get more if they sold separately as lots on eBay, but the owner was happy to take my cash knowing some of their childhood tanks and Weemen would be re-purposed and put back into service for the Emperor! I promised I would inform them once I repainted the Rhino, the one thing in the lot I really wanted, and a deal was made!

Here is the 1996 Era Terminator Captain who I stripped with Dettol and is up on the auction block.
An old school Landspeeder Typhoon, which will get a new grey Relictor paintjob. I don't actually have an Assault Cannon armed one! Bargain.
The Rhino, cleaned up and basecoated with Relictor grey WIP, aerials repaired (bent) and mount for a Storm Bolter added, (was missing guns) and a missing exhaust made from a Necron Power Cable but look! INTACT HANDRAILS! Unheard of, small snap repaired and good for the ride for my RTB01 Squad from Squaduary earlier this year!
A part plastic, part metal Devastator Squad needing some love or stripping - probably for the eBay block...
A couple of Attack Bikes and SM Bikes, with half metal rider Torso's Sergeant, Melta and Plasma.
An old but VERY heavy metal Dreadnought - this will end up on the scenic base of my Necron Tomb Stalker.
An old School Predator RTB08, I think will get a clean up and requisitioned into the Relictor ranks
Some Blood Angel Death Company and Chaplain, also for the stripping and auction block.
Lots of spares, arms, weapons and Back Packs for those metal Torsos
Up on the auction block an incomplete Assault Squad, four Marines and three jumppacks plus some CC weapons.
A full Tactical Squad with arms, weapons and box. Already sold.
A selection of Deathwing, Assault and Assault Cannon Rogue Trader Era Terminators, and some metal Scouts, I think all for stripping and auction but the Scout Sergeant may get a reprieve...
2nd Edition Gretchin, sold already as is, painted but could do with some love.
2nd Edition Goff Ork Boyz, also sold and on their way to their new owner.
And lastly, a couple of 2nd Edition Tactical Squads, too static for my liking, so already sold too. So far I've recouped over half my outset, I have a few other random metal minis in Dettol as I type, a DA Standard Bearer, Ezekiel without his Sword, some Biker Torso's etc.

A great bargain! And an RTB Rhino Mk1b with Handrails! Good times.

3 Aug 2017

WIP- Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons- Question?

Hi All,

For today's post, I thought I'd ask for your opinions on Magnus the Red. Originally I planned to paint the armour of Magnus as per the paint scheme Games Workshop, however having seen the images of the Forge World model, I thought of another option.

  There are the two I'm referring too- I am toying with the idea of going for a primary colour scheme of gold- like the forgeworld model, but I thought I'd see what your thoughts were? Below are a couple of mock pictures- were I've halved the armour in 2 colours, gold and silver to illustrate how the armour might look on the body of Magnus I've painted already.

I like the idea of doing the armour gold to tie into the FW model, however I'm worried that it might look to 'Khorne-Like' with Red and Gold?

Any feedback would be appreciated- thanks!

31 Jul 2017

Chaos Daemons - Plague Toads of Nurgle

Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping by our humble corner of the blogosphere. My latest additions to the Daemons of Chaos army which has been quietly building up forces in the background, are these Forge World Plague Toads of Nurgle. After last week's post from Lord Halfpenny showing his WIP of his Toads, I thought I should move mine up the order of scheduled posts and get mine out there!
As Lord H said, we bought these on a whim at Warhammerfest this year, I've always wanted them but I didn't know what I'd use them for, but now I can use them as either Beasts of Nurgle, Chaos Spawn or the actual rules are now available in 8th Edition FW Index: Forces of Chaos.
I used some Blood For the Blood God and Nurgles Rot to give glistening pus and sickly wet bloody maws. This Toad was Zandri Dust, zenith highlighted Skull White and then washed Agrax and Sepia. I added a few random splotches of various washes and picked out the eyes and toe nails.
I wanted a quick scheme to get these off the To-Do pile, as this year I didn't want to add to it, I'm trying to reduce the backlog! So washes are your friend with Nurgle Daemons!
The second Toad, grinning Toad was mainly washed Sepia over the Zandri Dust basecoat. I picked out all the horns and spines.
The raw skin pockmarks I picked out with Nurgles Rot and the horns with Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone washed with Agrax. Again 90% of the work with these was done with washes.
And finally my favourite, the Toad that looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters, so I washed with Biel Tan Green wash, a lot of Blood for the Blood God in the mouth and some manky yellow teeth.
So, nice additions for the growing Chaos Daemons army I have as my third/fourth army... rapidly becoming my third place in terms of size. Nick at the Burning Eye blog is working on a few more commissions for me, so the force will grow a little more soon!

Thanks for checking them out, cheers, Siph.

27 Jul 2017

WIP - Chaos Daemons - Plague Toads of Nurgle

Hi one and all,

Just another quick WIP post- my plague toads of Nurgle. These were picked up during (cough) Games Day 2017, both me and Siph picked a set each.

These are currently base coated, ready to complete. I've opted for 2 in the new death guard green, and the 'leader of the pack' in dark angels green.
I've always liked these models, and saw them as an option for beasts of nurgle- however the rules for plague toads have been added to 8th in the new chaos FW imperial armour index.

Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

24 Jul 2017

Culexus Assassin

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping in. Following on from the Callidus Assassin and the Eversor Assassin I bought ages ago, here is the final of three assassins I bought.

I never got a copy of the Assassin Execution Force game on release however, plenty of assassin models appeared on eBay shortly after and now they get their own blister packs. I didn't want to fund the money grabbing greedy re-sellers at the time, so I bought a pre-painted decent set from an artist/hobbyist instead. So not all my own work, just adapted from a real decent paint job.

I re did the base to match my forces and re-painted all the psychic matrix nodes (blue bits) with Stormhost Silver and Soulstone Blue for a shiny gem like weird gubbins look. I brightened up the Psyk-out grenades and highlighted the brasswork.
I also repainted the cables blue to match the Psi-matrix bits and he was done. Not much effort from me, but now adapted to be my own.
And finally, a shot of all three together, looking great together. I have a older Vindicare I will paint up myself, I prefer the older pose to the new one cowering behind some ruins.
Thanks for droping by, cheers, Siph.
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