25 May 2017

Ultramarine Daemon Prince

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Here is a little project I've finished, an Ultramarine Daemon Prince. This was a model I purchased off a well known auction site, as I liked the flying conversion of the plastic daemon prince. I'd already added a Relictor DP to my princes, so I thought it was only fair to add an Ultramarine on to the party. I believe this guy was finished before Siph's..

I've opted for a veteran look, with white helmet/face and shoulder trims, this is added to the pale skin complexion. I'd always wanted to try white skin, and really happy with the look. The wings flesh is a fleshy blue, with a really watered down Ultramarine blue. I am toying with adding a banner similar to the Relictors one, however I'm not sure the addition would benefit the pose.

How the flight is achieved... (Ouch...)

Here are all the princes on the battle board..

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22 May 2017

Necron Triarch Stalker - w/ Interchangeable Weapons

Howdy Folks, So, I've continued with progress of the To-Do pile, a Necron Triarch Stalker now done. It feels good to get another one off the To-Do pile, and moar line highlighting, gotta love it. After the Ghost Ark, this was a breeze.
As my previous post about magnetizing this showed how I can interchange the under slung weapons between the Heat Ray (Melta/Flamer) and a Heavy Gauss Cannon (24in Lascannon). The main reason I painted up this beauty was to take advantage of the bonus to the surrounding blob squads of Necron Warriors, a plus 1 to BS is really handy, especially if the two 15 Warrior squads nearby are within rapid fire - any vehicle or squad will fear 60 BS5 Gauss shots coming its way!
I love the look of this vehicle, great 'stalker' tank design, with the Praetorian driver up top and the weapon below.
I added glyphs on the largest legs and posed one raised leg like it's stalking forward.
Here is a close up of the under slung weapons,firstly the Heat Ray melta type gun, short range and focused (Melta) or dispersed (Flamer) type weapon. You can just see the magnets on the flank of the weapon body to mount the Heavy Gauss Cannons. It comes with a third option of a Particle Shredder (Blast) weapon, but I foresee only using the basic Heat Ray or splashing out on the TL Heavy Gauss Cannons.
Here are the TL Heavy Gauss Cannons (Lascannon) type weapons, the Heat Ray nozzle removed and a gauss 'lens' put in its place.
Here is a frontal shot of the Triarch Stalker with the TL Heavy Gauss Cannons, ideal for Pen or Glancing heavy armour.
And from the side.
And lastly, a shot of the stowed Heat Ray nozzle, so I don't lose it.
And a shot from the tabletop, where I will be using it, amongst large squads of Warriors, boosting their effectiveness.  Thanks for dropping in. Cheers, Siph.

18 May 2017

Bloodthirsters of Khorne

Hi One and all,

To follow up on my Bloodthirster posts, here are the other Bloodthirsters I own,

First up my Bloodthirster - Greater Daemon of Khorne, this was a purchase from Ebay so I can't take credit for the paint job.
 Here are the 3 Bloodthirsters together.
 And then additions with my older metal Bloodthirsters,
Its looking at the scales that I don't think I'll be using the metal models for future battles, they are in size with a daemon prince, I'm not sure what other people are thinking with the new/old models? please add your comments thoughts and feedback about this. They might end up similar to my other old daemon lords with a new 'statue' paint scheme which I'm intending to do.
Thanks for looking!

15 May 2017

Magnetizing a Necron Triarch Stalker - WIP

Howdy Folks, been busy constructing and painting the next item off my to-do pile. The Triarch Stalker is a Quantum Shielded AV11(13 until glanced or penned walker which can be armed with a heat ray, or Heavy Gauss Cannon TL. The third weapon is a Particle cannon blast weapon, but I don't intend using that one.
The Heavy Gauss Cannons are a pricey addition so not always going to be my preferred choice, two short range Lascannon type shots would be good, but the main buff of the Triarch Stalker is the +1 BS it's targeting relay gives to Necron squads within 6in.
The magnets were inserted into the end of the cannon assembly and to mount the Gauss Cannons, two either side of the body. I also added a magnet at the end of the big crystal array.
This crystal on the end was for stowing the Heat Ray cannon end or the lens end so they do not get lost or forgotten when travelling.
Great job I think, the heat ray at the back looks a little like an exhaust manifold, so looks passable to me. Onward with the painting... Thanks for dropping by.

13 May 2017

Skarbrand The Exiled One

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Up next, Skarbrand. Skarbrand the Exiled One is a Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of the Blood God Khorne. Skarbrand betrayed the Blood God due to the machinations of Tzeentch, the Lord of Change, and was exiled from the service of Khorne - I did the 2 daemons at the same time, to make sure the skin tones remain the same for the two, it also meant I could try techniques on one, then on the other if I liked it.
The face I'm happy with the finish, I went for a complete right side with no red skin, just bone- with the bear bone of the mandible visible, and horns black from the damage.
I'm really happy with the axes, I washed them differently to add a different dimension to them, one has a red hue to it, the other a purple- I felt this could be the axe that Skarbrand used again Khorne after the words from Slaanesh- that the axe had been corrupted in some way. Again each had a good coat of blood.
The look is what I was hoping for, and am happy with the results. For the base I plan to use a Black Templar model, with a black sword stabbed into Skarbrand - as told in the story from GoS3 book.
Thanks for looking!

11 May 2017

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage - Complete

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My next post is the completed Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage,
I'm really happy with the overall look of the Great Daemon, the axe had a go covering of blood (paint, not my own) which adds to the look. For the base I plan to add the remains of one of its kills, just to add a story to the model.
Thanks for Looking

9 May 2017

Screamers of Tzeentch Commission by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in, following on from the last post with Fateweaver, Nick from The Burning Eye blog also painted up six Screamers of Tzeentch for me. A great bloke, good service, good rates and great communication throughout. If you are in the UK and require a commission painter, by all means consider Nick, details on his blog.
I saw him doing another commission involving some Screamers for another client, so asked to add these to Fateweaver. I loved the turquoise and orange scheme, ties in with Fateweaver and looks great.
Really good colours on the spines and on the eyes, and I loved the little armoured scales on the skin.
The bases were done to match my current forces and tie in nicely.
Here are all six, watch out Vehicles, maybe in 8th, these will also be deadly in CC if they eat HPs, they'll eat Wounds...
And finally, a look at where the Daemon force is now, a very colourful addition to my armies, some HQ choices, lots of troops and now Screamers - what started out as Daemons purely to supply models for my Relictor Librarians to summon using Daemonology Malefic psychic powers. Thanks for dropping in, cheers, Siph.

7 May 2017

Kairos Fateweaver - The Oracle of Tzeentch Chaos Daemon

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is the latest addition to the malign forces of Chaos that seem to have popped up into my display cases without me even realising their growing numbers ;)
This was the smaller finecast Kairos Fateweaver that until recently was the only sculpt, now the new fantastic huge Lord of Change has options to make a Fateweaver too. This was a Christmas gift so it was an excellent addition to the army, I prefer the smaller scult for Fateweaver, reserving the larger model for the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.
But, before you congratulate me for an original paint scheme, I will proudly say that this was a Commission I asked Nick Thrower at The Burning Eye blog to paint him for me, great service and great communication and great rates too. Anyone in the UK wanting a commission painter, bear Nick in mind and check out his blog for details. Lovely chap indeed, I've met him once at Blog Wars and we will no doubt be meeting up again sometime in the future,perhaps at WHW or Warhammerfest.
I love the unusual scheme for this, pale flesh, turquoise and blues of Tzeentch and rich oranges of the feathers, this will go nicely with the colourful and unusual 'Pink' Horrors by Rob at 30Kplus40K blog.
And whats more, I tasked Nick to paint some more Daemons after seeing progress of some he was working on for another Commission client, I sent him 2 boxes of Screamers, more of them in the next post. Cheers for dropping by and special thanks to Nick Thrower, Cheers, Siph.
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