21 Sep 2017

Spartember - End of Week 3 - Tracks Nearly Derail My Progress

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. So, tracks progress... yes. What a git. Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit. The track links on each piece need reducing in size, snipping and filing a few mm...
This is the front top link, it needed a little chopping and bending and clamping into place.
And the other end of each piece has the same treatment, a few mm removed by removing a little from where it is not seen.
This is the difference a few mm makes, the top picture is before, the bottom once adjusted and fits...
And then the obligatory elastic bands to hold the tracks in place whilst they bond.
I did a little more on the main body, Engine Block and Exhausts now in place.
And onto the next few track pieces - each one of twelve needing a minor adjustment or two... what a complete pain in the butt. But, getting there!

This is the problem, without the trimming and snipping, the tracks are just too long for the vehicle hull, maybe mould shrinkage in the larger hull pieces or incorrect design? Either way, I'm glad the newer kit has addressed this error and the tracks now come already moulded in place. I'll be glad when finished!
And another four end links trimmed to fit, the single link was attached to the angled piece, but with careful hobby saw and trimming, it will be the final link to be put in place! As this is on the rear of the tracks, it will not be immediately noticed, only under careful examination of every track link can you see the smaller narrower links, by spreading the error along the entire length of track, its far less noticeable.

Wish me luck, thanks for checking my progress out. Cheers, Siph.

17 Sep 2017

Spartember - Week 3 - Construction Forges Ahead

So after a period lost in the Warp, this past week has seen some progress in Spartember, the Spartan Heavy Assault Transport build. I had previously trimmed 2/3 of the vents, so I got back to speed, preparing the bits and gave them a good soak and scrub to remove the mould release agent.
I checked all the bits were there, somehow I mislaid a sponson armoured cowling, so I will leave off the other side, just a small rounded plate hidden against the sponson and tank side - not a great loss.

Now the hardest part - this was a frustrating and painful half an hour of holding and squeezing and dropping and glue on fingers - why oh why! I'm an experienced FW builder, but this has to posively be the worst construction ever! Not sure if it was my very slippery 2-part epoxy resin or the fact that the pieces just wouldn't stay in one place as I maneuvered to put the doors in place...
Eventually after much cursing, the body superstructure was elastic banded and clamp-fested! Hopefully it dries in place and solid.... time will tell.
Using 'normal' superglue, I fixed the sponsons together, a little heat bending of power cables was needed but relatively simple.
And then the fact that this is an OLD kit, the tracks - I started to fix the tracks in place, using a tip from my good Blogger Buddy Mordian7th, started on the top and will work around, this will be a slow process, but slow and steady wins the race - 24hrs drying time for each piece. I'm on piece three of 12.

My fellow Techmarines progress continues:
Turkadacytl has forged ahead to the undercoating stage! Brilliant work, can't wait to see this getting its grey Carcharadons colours.
Temple of Thutmos has applied his reds for the Red Corsairs and metallics, the tracks and weathering will be next.
NafNaf at Objective Secured is lost to the warp this week, and no Tech reports have been filled with the data scribes, but he is still ahead of me! Darn those pre-fabricated tracks!

Kharybdiss is also lost to the warp this week, but the Astropaths sense progress continues slowly.

Thanks for dropping in and checking the progress out. Cheers, Siph.

15 Sep 2017

Reaver Titan WIP - #9 - Update

Hi all!

The WIP on the Reaver has slowed recently, however I've got the model out again to start working on it again!

I've started to add the pieces needed to secure the leg armour plates to the legs, and its a nice fit around the leg. It starts to look like a titan with these arm plates in position, rather than a Reaver that skipped leg day.
There area also pistons for the armour that attaches to the leg/foot. I've opted to paint these first before I glue them into place- as I think it'll be easier to position them onto the titan once finished.
I've positioned and glued into place the pistons around the torso and knee joins, next is to glue the hip pistons in place- but first I'm going to drill a couple of rods into the hip through the pelvis- with these holes hidden under the pistons. This will also prevent the hip joint moving and causing the hip joint to break.
The Knee pistons needed to be cut to size- thankfully there wasn't an issue of cutting too much off.. so a nice fit..

I've also decided on a paint scheme, and the paints are ready to use- Hopefully there will be some pictures of a painted titan up soon..
Thanks for popping by!

The links to the other Reaver posts so far are below:


11 Sep 2017

Exo-Armour Squats - Counts-as Custodes w/ Guardian Spears

Hello Peeps, Thanks for dropping by. Something quite old today, but re-purposed. I bought these many years ago and didn't really look at them at the time. Years passed and when examining the lot I saw that these were quite a rough re-cast of the Originals, I know as I did once own the originals. The Bolter arm detail lacks a lot of the finer detail on the three nubs and the multiple cast lines give the game away.  I didn't fork out much as I remember, it was in the early days of eBay and Squats were not quite as sought after. Now stuck with them and cannot re-sell them I put them in the drawer of doom but eventually came to realise that I could use them as Terminator or more recently as Custodes!
With this new sense of purpose and my anger at being duped fading, I thought about what scheme I would like - as counts-as Terminators they could be any colour, but as counts-as Custodes they ought to resemble the Emperor's finest golden warriors - would gold suit Exo-Armoured Squats? Hell yeah, and a plan was hatched.
I used these as a practice for my eventual Custodes gold, so armed with our Lord Duncan's advice, I did the golds as described, Retributor Gold, washed Reikland Fleshshade - (okay Ogryn Flesh) - Highlighted Auric Armour Gold and further highlight of Liberator Gold. I cut off the (fake) tabs under the feet and mounted them on slate to give them more height (so I wouldn't claim modelling advantage on the battlefield) and these are the result.
The Squad Leader has a banner made from a SM Bike aerial, and some gubbins from the Ironbreakers kit (a forthcoming squad of counts-as Space Marines), which worked out nicely.
I used the leather colours Our Lord Duncan used in his Custodes video to see if they looked nice, tick, Custodes scheme sorted now. The Power Axes would nicely counts-as Guardian Spears or Terminator Powerfists, painted using Regal Blue (Kantor Blue), washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted Temple Guard Blue and white washed with Asurmen Blue.
I used the Primaris Marine Dark Angel knee decals to make the basis for a winged Hammer, the Squats favoured icon, this can be seen on the (Storm)Bolter arm.
The slate gives some nice variation in look and height and helps fill the 40mm bases quite nicely. I chose to glaze the slate sightly with Calthan Brown and used the highlight colours from the bases to drybrush the rock edges, linking the rock to the base - but kept the nice purple hue.
The rear shot..
There you have it, a nice salvage job, now back ready for the tabletop to fight once again alongside my Marine forces, as Termnators or Custodes... awesome sauce.

Thanks for checking in, cya, Siph.

9 Sep 2017

Spartember - Week 2 - Building the Spartan WIP

Welcome folks, thanks for dropping in. Alas not much progress with my Spartan so far in Spartember as I have been away on holiday in the Warp, so only managed to clean up just over half the tank pieces.
Here is the current state of the mighty Spartan after a week! But fear not, progress will continue in good stead now I am back in the light of the Astronomican!
The Techmarines have yet to remove the vents and flash and straighten out the machine spirits of these bits. But elsewhere on different Forge Worlds, Tech Adepts have been busy with their constructs:
Objective Secured – NafNaf is striving ahead with his Spartan amid difficulties with bubbles, gaps and pieces not fitting together properly.
Turkadactyl - is having a frenzy with elastic bands getting his central superstructure solid and straight.
Temple of Thutmos – Thutmos was cleaning up his Typhon and getting the basecoat on by brush so far.
Kharybdiss - Has forged ahead with his Typhon, with a relatively simple build without difficulties except the treads! I'm not looking forward to that bit myself either.

Please feel free to check out the other participants efforts at the links and thanks to Turkadactyl and NafNaf for organising this mad jolly jaunt. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers, Siph.

7 Sep 2017

Necromunda Gang - House Escher

Hi All,

I've seen the news that Necromunda is due to return, so I thought I'd better get my old Escher gang out from the vast WIP pile, and hopefully have them ready for the launch!

I've got a few other 'members' from 3rd party sources which I plan to build into the force to have options for load outs. The unit includes the original Escher Gang Leader (1 I think..) 3 gangers and 2 Juves, as well as a heavy stubber ganger.
I've also got the model for 'Mad' Donna (If I remember rightly..) who will be added to the group. I've then got a few Kabuki and Maulfaux models that I plan to add to the unit. I think for the scheme I'm going to have to go for bright and colourful.. its escher after all!

Thanks for Looking! LH

4 Sep 2017

Rhino Tank Size Comparison - Modern and Mk 1b

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. On the back of last week's post, I thought I'd share what struck me when painting the old Mk 1b Rhino, the size is sooo tiny compared to the modern Rhino, and that isn't actually large enough to fit in 10 Mk7 Marines!
View from the top down
Strikingly different side profiles
Front view

I love the design cues the modern Rhino took from the old Mk 1b, the modern one is definitely a Rhino, and a great one which has stood the test of time up to now. Great fun, thanks for dropping in, Cheers Siph.
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